Dircaster – Simply Podcast

Podcasts for everyone! The Dircaster is probably (apart from our great directory;)) one of the best PHP scripts for podcasters. Two sentences on how it works: Anyone who wants to publish even podcasts, so far needed a blog that Valide Enclosure XML has spent files, or has the feeds written by hand. That’s what Dircaster does now. Just put the MP3s & the Dircaster in a directory and link the ‘dircaster.php’ on the homepage. This then generates a great Vaildes XML podcast feed. Here’s an example with our so far podcasts. The title of the feed will then be generated from the ID3 tags.
Let’s see if we will use the Dircaster here. We are currently redesigning our blog system and fixing a few bugs in the background. The new iPodcast.de site should be online during the next week (then again with a new podcast).